Meet Our Team

Just a Few of Our Team Members

The team at Professional Auto Shippers is more than that—it’s a family. Whether providing 5-star customer service, monitoring customer satisfaction or simply running the day to day business, our people work hard to meet our ultimate goal: ensuring customers have the best auto transport experience possible.

Ramon Rodriguez

ramon rodriguez photo

I’ve been a part of the car transport industry since 2013. In late 2019, the opportunity presented itself to start our own company and that was the beginning of Professional Auto Shippers. Thanks to all that I learned working with a reputable company, I set out to create an auto shipping company that would be no different. We would listen to stories from other shipping agents and wonder how they kept their doors open treating customers and carriers badly. Having the experiences of being a dispatcher, salesman, and business owner, I had the insight to create a company that is there to put the needs of our customer first as well as the needs of the carriers on our rosters. While PAS has definitive guiding principles that ensure we are always working as an advocate of our customer, we also are able to balance that with the professional respect and courtesy to our drivers that do all the heavy lifting.

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