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Curious about working for Professional Auto Shippers?

For those interested in a career working within the auto shipping industry, Professional Auto Shippers strives to stand out from the crowd of transportation companies.

When you work at , you’re a part of a team. There are no sales quotas to meet. Everyone helps out because the ultimate goal is a satisfied customer. Our team holds itself to the highest standards of customer service, and we can only meet these lofty goals if everyone works together.

We continue to win awards for the hard work this team does, from organizations such as Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Yelp. We get excited when we receive a 5-star review, and even frame your first personalized review as a way to celebrate. We want our team members to feel like a family, whether it be through the day-to-day activity or spontaneous food days!

You won’t be working at a complaint center. Your job is to educate our customers about the car transport industry, as well as the process. Many people aren’t aware of how this industry works and can be very nervous about shipping a car.

One of the qualities that set us apart from our competition is that we take the time to get to know our customers, personalizing their orders, and helping them from quote to delivery. We don’t want you to just read from a script, but to make each order uniquely yours.

Since our customers rarely, if ever, come into the office, the dress code reflects a low-key environment. You’re welcome to wear casual attire, as long as it’s appropriate (similar to going to your grandmother’s house). We want you to be comfortable because we want you to be focused on providing the best service possible.

Our CEO Ramon, has an open door policy. Whether you need to share good news, have a question or want to make a suggestion, you can know that he is willing to hear you out. We’ve been in business since 2013, but have worked in the industry even longer. They want to make sure you fully understand the job, from how to answer the phone to the best way to close out an order with the customer. Whether in the weekly team meeting, quarterly employee-led evaluations, or a quick meeting on a Tuesday, they want you to feel heard.

So if you enjoy working as a team, love to help people learn and make a scary process less nerve-racking, and want a company who supports you professionally and personally, apply today. Check out our availability below or send your information to (email).

Available Auto Shipping Positions

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