Copywriter Internship

If you have a passion for creating interesting content and the desire to learn from an industry leader within the auto shipping segment, then you’re in luck. Professional Auto Shippers is looking for energetic, creative individuals to join our digital marketing team.

At Professional Auto Shippers we believe that our TEAM is our most valuable asset. That’s why we strive to find like-minded and motivated individuals willing to make our car transport team stronger.

What we ask of You

Be Creative

Sounds pretty easy right? Well if you think it is then you’re exactly who we are looking for. We create content of all types in an attempt to reach an extremely varied customer base.

Do Your Research

Auto shipping, as exciting as it is, is probably not the focus of your education and we know this. So be willing to do some research prior to actually creating. While the car transport industry may be a focus of some projects, our content is not limited to car transportation. Regardless of the topic, it will probably require you to learn something new, so be open to this process.

Make Connections

Our content is placed all over the world, on various websites and blogs. An important part of this internship will be networking with webmasters and blog hosts in an effort to create mutually beneficial opportunities. This will require communication via email, written in a professional yet friendly manner.

Your Rewards


As we all know…Knowledge is Power! Learn what the corporate community is looking for in a freelance writer.


Choosing a career in writing can have some amazing benefits. But, let’s be honest, it can present some overwhelming challenges as well. Hopefully, we can provide some real-world experiences that will provide insight into your career options.

Money (Of Course)

This is a paid internship. Compensation is made for completed content projects and based on the type of content created.


This is a part-time internship and can be performed on your time schedule. No dress clothes or fetching coffee is required.

This internship may be performed either remotely or from our corporate offices located in Miami, Florida. For more information or to submit a resume please contact us.

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