Cost of Shipping Your Car

What’s The Average Cost to Ship a Car?

As of August 2018, the average cost to ship a car from one state to another within the U.S. is $1,064.95.

Although, this is the average cost to ship a car it may not provide much information about your specific car shipment. Your actual cost to ship a car might vary greatly depending on the details of your specific car shipment.

There are many variables that are taken into account when determining the actual cost to ship a car.

Car Information

The year, make, and model of the vehicle are step one. But there can be a lot more to it than just these details. As an example, if you are shipping an older car, it may require more attention and will almost certainly weigh more than a newer car with the same dimensions. The shape of your car can make a difference too. A station wagon is an excellent example of this. A station wagon will cost a little more to ship than the sedan version of the same year, make, and model. The difference in shape reduces the possible positions that the carrier can load the vehicle.

Car Shipping Route

Most people think that the mileage of your route is the primary factor in determining the cost to ship a car. While distance is a factor (more miles typically = higher cost), it’s more like a coincidence, rather than a direct correlation. In fact, it is very common for the cost to ship a car to be different for opposite directions on the exact same route. So if you have shipped your car in the past and are now shipping back to your original origin, expect the cost to ship your car to be different.
Many times there are ways to save some money by making a very small change to your route too. There are times that a short drive to meet the carrier could save you between $50 & $250 depending on your exact locations.

Shipping Type

This one is pretty simple. The most common and economical type of shipping is on an open car carrier. But for those vehicles that deserve a little more care, an enclosed car carrier is the way to go.