Rent KITT from Knight Rider

Rent KITT from Knight Rider


Ready to live out your childhood dreams from watching the most popular crime fighting car of all time? Then all you need is quick flight to Los Angeles, and visit Jong Hoddoussi’s website,

John says:

Live out your Childhood Dreams of becoming Michael Knight for a day! KITT was painstakingly created over the past few years to be an almost perfect replica of the Knight Industries Two Thousand from the iconic 80’s television show, Knight Rider, starring David Hasselhoff. 

On the site you’ll find out all the details to rent Kitt. The great part is that he;s nade some performance upgrades to make make the vehicle up-to-date with what you would expect as far as performance and handling.

He took a stock 1989 Formula, with various performance and exhaust upgrades to add some rumble and agility.

The car has what you expect, including an interactive voice. That iconic scanner, and full interior.

KITT is rented through an online agency. It’s called TURO. You’ll have to sign up. From them you can pick a date, pick up your shiny black leather jacket, lay on the hairspray, and you can be Michael Knight.

Make your Own Kitt?

Let’s face it, you can find anything online these days. There are a lot of Knight Rider fans keeping KITT alive and well in their garages.

You’ll have to find a donor car. We can of course ship it! Just get an instant quote with us.

Then it’s a matter of looking for your parts. You can try.a variety of different sites that have all you will need. Like Knight Rider World. There is also the Knight Rider Store.

But be ready. This is going to be a long and arduous task. Just ask Chris Blasius, and he will tell you how hard it really was.

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