Let Your College Student Drive Cross Country?

Let Your College Student Drive Cross Country?


There’s a better way to get them to campus safely

College classes will be starting before you know it, and whether it’s their first year or senior year, sending your child off to college is hard. If you’re sending them across the country, it can make any parent nervous, especially if they considerng taking the long drive to their new school.

Professional Auto Shippers offers you peace of mind by providing open transport services that will reliably and safely ship your son or daughter’s vehicle across the country or just across the state. The most important thing is working with an experienced auto transport company to assure their vehicle gets there on time.

Unfamiliar roads and late night driving can be unsafe

Your college student will be eager to arrive at their new school. They have a lot to do before stepping in to their first class. They will be driving long hours and late at night on unfamiliar roads. One wrong turn, missed gas station or charging station, and it could get a lot harder and definitely unsafe.

Sending them in a loaded vehicle can be trouble

On top of long hours of driving through unfamilar roads, having a vehicle that is loaded with item can be a bad idea. Items can shift in the vehicle, and if poorly packed personal belongings can fly towards the driver if they have to brake suddenly.

Having a loaded vehicle can also be a target for theft. Even if the items aren’t valuable, the possibility of scoring big for a theif could be a tempation they can’t resist. It will cost you those items and most likely a broken window.

Have us do the heavy lifing

All transport is fully insured and backed by our Pro Price Guarantee. It doesn’t get better than that. Your college student can fly to their destination, and have their vehicle arrive just a few short days later. Nothing beats transporting the car and knowing it will get there without risking their safety.

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