Preparing to Ship

Will the carrier come to my house?

Most car carriers have large trailers that make it difficult to get to residential addresses. These trailers usually exceed the weight restrictions for residential streets or don’t have enough room to make wide turns due to their length (up to 75 ft long). Since car carriers have a height of 14 ft, the low hanging branches and/or power lines on residential streets can become hazards that can cause damage to other vehicles on the load. They also don’t have the ability to safely turn around in tight arPAS like a dead end or cul-de-sac. They will not travel down gravel or level B/dirt roads because it’s not safe for them or their cargo. An average car carrier can be the size of about 2 large fire trucks.

This is why most drivers will ask you to meet them at a nearby shopping center or big box store so that both your vehicle and the others on their trailer are safe. “Door to Door” doesn’t necessarily mean pulling into your driveway for pick up and delivery. This term means that it will be picked up from and delivered to the customer directly. Carriers will get as close as possible to your home.