Snowbirds & Seasonal Travelers

Snowbirds are seasonal travelers that come to Florida every winter. Many people ship a vehicle perhaps once or twice in a lifetime. However, this is not the case with Snowbirds. Some of our most frequent customers are from a solid group of seasonal shippers who winter down in the south. Nearly all of them include Florida snowbirds. They come from the cold states and some not so cold. Like from Corpus Christi, TX., Palm Springs CA, or even Scottsdale, AZ!

Typical Northeastern are New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut, and even Maine. Some trips are as far as the pacific Northwest, which is 3200 miles away.  All the way from Oregon and Washington!

Other states include Colorado, Nevada, and more.

Why use a snowbird auto shipping service?

Driving can be unsafe. When you drive the vehicle yourself, that adds miles of heaving wear and tear from rain, road debris, and all the miles the engine will run while you drive your way to Florida. Driving will take extra time and older retirees may have family members sitting worried that they made their trip safely.

Shipping a car is VERY convenient. Professional Auto Shippers will be here for you to make this as easy and stress free as is possible. Taking a short flight, arriving refreshed and having your vehicle show up afterwards is priceless (although won’t make it expensive). We’ll listen to your situation, your schedule and work around you. The focus is you and your time down in our Sunshine State.

Cheaper than renting a car. Snowbirds are here for months not days. Renting a car can be very expensive when you add up for time. In the end, shipping your car up and down will be much less expensive than having a vehicle rented for 3-6 months.

Snowbirds are Our Priority

We understand snowbirds and seasonal travelers have specific requirements when vacationing in Florida, and we’ve learned through many years of experience how to best meet those requirements. At Professional Auto Shippers, we have been helping snowbirds and other seasonal travelers get their vehicles safely to their winter destinations safely and reliably. We have 50 years of combined experience to back you up and secure your shipping dates.

Take Some Items With Your Vehicle

A bonus of shipping your vehicle is trunk space! We allow up to 100 lbs of “personal items” to be packed into your vehicle. These items need to fit in the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle without folding down the seats, or removing the seats.. They must also sit below the windows, so the driver can see.

Have a lot of stuff? If there will be more than 100 lbs of clothing or other items, we can still able to assist you with your transport. There will be an additional fee. Carriers have to stay within a specific weight for their loads, so the fee is passed along to the vehicle owner to help cover costs of possible penalties and/or fines for being overweight.

We are also able to charge your entire shipment onto your credit card so you don’t have to worry about payment at delivery. See terms and conditions for more details. This is available for an additional fee which is passed along to the carrier. This way, if you aren’t able to be present, your car will still be delivered where it needs to be and available when you arrive.

Don’t let your winter stay in Florida kick off with long and tedious commute. Let our knowledgeable and expert staff help you start enjoying your time away sooner.

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