Auto Shipment Guarantees

Pro Price Guarantee

Whether you choose Professional Auto Shippers to transport your luxury car, classic vehicle, or family hauler, we will provide you a custom built service jus for you.  Professional Auto Shippers completely stands by our Pro Price Guarantee. Unlike with many other car transport companies out there, there will be absolutely no hidden fees or charges for your shipping when you use our top rated service for your auto transport plans.

Pro Price Guarantee – Terms and Conditions

The Pro Price Guarantee cannot apply if the vehicle information is misrepresented or is different from what was originally given on the order in the order. Like wrong make and model, modifications not disclosed, over 7 feet tall and not disclosed, or if reserved as a vehicle that runs and actually does not. Your quote is good for 7 days from the first available shipping date (ready date) and must be reserved before the quote expires.

The guarantee also will not apply if the vehicle over-packs vehicle with personal items, over the 100lb weight limit. We also guarantee the price for the shipping alone and does not include international import taxes or fees charged at the destination. For example, import taxes in Puero Rico.  Rates issued using our instant  are guaranteed but will be verified at the time of reservation for accuracy.


Pro Car Damage and Rental Guarantee

How many car transport companies do you know of that guarantee an efficient, timely vehicle delivery? Professional Auto Shippers does with our Car Rental Guarantee! If the shipment of your vehicle exceeds the guaranteed transport time (see Terms & Conditions), PAS will reimburse you for a standard rental car from Enterprise until your vehicle is delivered.


How the Pro Damage Guarantee Works with Professional Auto Shippers

Professional Auto Shippers “Guarantees” the insurance coverage of the Carriers If:

There is damage to your vehicle, but the Carrier and/or it’s insurance company fail to pay the claim outside of the Assigned Carrier’s or the carrier’s insurance policy’s standard exclusions) on damage that was caused by the Carrier. This damage must be noted on the bill of lading inspection report from the delivery and these damages must be missing from the bill of lading inspection report at pickup. This indicates the vehicle was absolutely damaged by the carrier.  Upon failing to have the carrier pay the claim,  a claim with your own insurance company instead. Professional Auto Shippers will reimburse you, up to a maximum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) in order to cover your out-of-pocket deductible. See more in our terms and conditions.


How the Pro Rental Guarantee Works with Professional Auto Shippers

Let’s say you’re shipping a car from Illinois to California. It will be picked up on March 1st. If it isn’t delivered by March 12th, then you could be eligible for our Car Rental Guarantee until it does. See below for more details.

Pro Car Rental Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

  1. Guaranteed Transport Time is as follows:
    • 10 days for shipments of 0–1250 miles
    • 15 days for shipments 1251–2150 miles
    • 18 days for shipments over 2150 miles.
    • Transport time is calculated in 24-hour increments and begins when vehicle is picked up by carrier.
  2. Rental Car is defined as: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Standard Class car, price set by Enterprise Rent-A-Car website.
  3. We will reimburse Shipper for amount of Rental Car for each day exceeding the guaranteed transport time, ending when the vehicle is available for delivery.
  4. Special requests by Shipper may void Rental Car Guarantee, such as pickup or drop off at terminal.
  5. We have the right to suspend Rental Car Guarantee program for any reason without notice.

Car Rental Exclusions:

  1. Any overseas or containerized shipment (including Hawaii, Alaska Puerto rico) is excluded from Rental Car Guarantee program, due to possible customs and/or dock delays.
  2. It is assumed that inoperable vehicles are not used for normal driving situations and are therefore not eligible for Rental Car Guarantee program.
  3. All non-automobile shipments are excluded from Rental Car Guarantee program. Examples: ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Boat, etc.
  4. Rental Car Guarantee is not applicable to loss of use due to damage occurring during transportation.
  5. All non-primary family vehicle shipments may be excluded from Rental Car Guarantee program. Examples but not limited to: dealer to dealer shipments, classic, vintage, or collectible vehicles.
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