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There are times you are shipping an exotic car, classic, or other high end vehicle.  Or maybe you just need a little extra safety and protection. It could be down the street or to the other side of the country.  In this case there are enclosed auto transport companies that will give you that extra layer of protection. There are two types of enclosed (also known as covered). Our team will help you pick the right fit for what you need.  We know you have dedicated a lot to your meticulously cared for vehicle. That means when you work with us, we are looking to serve you with the best way to handle your vehicle’s shipping and care.

Soft Side Enclosed Carriers | Classics or Exotic Car Transport

This is the way that most luxury car manufacturers such as Lexus ship. It keeps vehicles safely inside the truck itself and will result in more protection than a regular open carrier. So, it can be a more cost-effective way to protect your car.

soft side carrier

These trucks look like a traditional semi truck with box trailer, but have large tarps that are locked town tightly to secure the vehicles from the outside world.  These are built similar to hard-side carriers with a hard floor and roof. Soft-side enclosed carriers can hold usually a load of 6 vehicles. The thick canvas is strong and can seal well, however some road dust and rain can seep in through the gaps in between. But is more than sufficient to keep rocks, hail and other hazards far from your vehicle.

Hard Side Enclosed Carriers | Exotic or High End Auto Transport

enclosed car carrier, 2 car

This is the highest standard of protection for your vehicle. This type of carrier is and air tight enclosure that will seal the vehicle away from the elements.  These carriers can hold from two to six vehicles depending on the configuration. Many feature lift gates for loading low clearance vehicles like track cars and exotics. The larger enclosed car carrier would have 2 levels, holding up to 3 on top and bottom.

When choosing to go with Hard Side, it’s typically for anything that is like a show car, rare or  high end vehicle,  prototype, or sensitive classic car.   The lift gate keeps the car on a flat surface and raises it in to the trailer, safely.

enclosed hard side carrier

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Still unsure what would be the best shipping method for your vehicle? Give our pros a call or check out our post, What Are My Options? Open or Enclosed.

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