US Territories, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska

US Territories Car Transportation Services

We’re able to relocate your vehicle anywhere in the United States, including ports in the following US territories:

  1. San Juan, Puerto Rico;
  2. Kingshill, Saint Croix, Virgin Islands.
  3. Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands

Safely transport your vehicles with safe and secure services by Professional Auto Shippers. All vehicle shipments going to the Caribbean set sail down in Jacksonville, Florida. From there they will be sealed in a vessel in secured containers that are specifically designed to handle the transport of vehicles. They are kept away from the sea and salt during their voyage.

Guam to/from Mainland Car Shipping

Professional Auto Shippers can retrieve your vehicle from the ports in Piti, Guam, or Long Beach, California, respectively. Guam shipments travel in specialized containers.  Transport to Guam is Door to port, while Guam to the mainland is port to door and sail weekly. All shipments to Guam make a stop in Honolulu, so you can expect the entire trip to take around 3–4 weeks.

Military / PCS

View our Military PC Information and take advantage of our PCS service.

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