7 Things To Consider When Buying New Car

7 Things To Consider When Buying New Car


Are you planning to buy a new car? If it is the first time you are buying a new car, it would definitely be a great experience and one that you’d remember for a long time. The automobile market has grown exponentially over the years, and today you can easily lay your hands over a vehicle whose technology comes from the other end of the planet. There has been a huge improvement in safety, comfort and fuel economy in modern cars and it truly adds to your lifestyle. But choosing the right car or grabbing the best new car deals can put you into a dilemma. Here we look at seven important things that you need to keep in mind when you are buying a new car.

Tips for buying a new car

Know your needs

The right car is one that would meet your needs. And this is the reason automobile manufacturers are coming out with different models that are tailored to meet the needs of different individuals and families. For instance, if you are looking for a vehicle for your daily commute that takes helps you manage through daily rush-hour traffic you’d be better off buying a small passenger car or a hatchback. If your budget isn’t a limiting factor, you are looking at overall running costs EVs are your perfect pick. For people who like to go on long drives with their family and pets, an SUV would be the better option.

Insist on a test drive

If you are buying your first car never buy a new car without taking a test drive. Irrespective of the number of reviews you have read about the car or how highly it is being rated by the experts there is nothing like getting a look and feel of the vehicle from a personal point of view. Is there enough leg room for your long legs? Does the steering wheel feel nice to hold? Is the interior spacious enough for your needs? Does the car especially the transmission feel nice to drive around? If you are buying a new car online, then it might be a good idea to seek out a local dealership. Even though you might not get to test drive your specific purchase, you could still get some idea of how a specific model would work out for your needs. Similarly, there are several factors that define ‘your’ ideal car, and without a test drive, you’ll never be able to make a good choice. The last thing you want is to regret making a bad choice a few days into new car ownership.

Dealership comparison is must

You think the same vehicle costs would cost the same in all the authorized dealerships around you. You are wrong and doing a comparison you will see the variation in the prices of the same makes and models across different dealerships. Much like your neighborhood, retail store car dealerships offer aggressive new car deals to attract customers. While it may make a small percentage difference between two dealerships but when we are talking about thousands of dollars that you’ll pay for the vehicle even a small percentage of difference matters a lot. The additional savings can go towards buying the right accessories for your vehicle which adds to your comfort and experience in your new car.

Time your buy perfectly

Did you know there are times when you can enjoy higher discounts and better deals on the purchase of a new vehicle? If you aren’t in urgent need and can wait for some time, you’d save more on a new vehicle. Deep discounts on old models often precede the launch of a new car model. If you are a fan of the old model, it is the perfect time to buy that. Similarly, the end of the month sales target or end of the year targets often compels dealers to offer discounts and other new car deals to drive increased sales. Try cashing in on these.

Think about buying an EV

We had touched upon this in an earlier point and given where we are standing at the moment with soaring gas prices you’d make a wise choice in buying an electric vehicle. They are no longer those showcase cars that came with compromised features and experience. All major car makers are launching ultra-luxurious electric vehicles. While the upfront cost on these vehicles may be high and they may limit where you can drive them, but you will save substantially on their running. If you need a vehicle just for a daily commute, an EV would be a great option in today’s world.

Research on financing option

Car financing has enabled more people to buy their dream car. For a small down payment and affordable EMIs, you can easily drive out your dream car. When you visit a car dealership, they get your car financed easily. Most dealerships have arrangements with multiple car financing companies that finance your vehicle. But before you accept the offer or even visit the dealership, it would be wise to do a comparison in the market. You’d be surprised to see the difference in the deals and the rates that different financing companies offer and the one that your dealership is suggesting may not be the best in the market in terms of what you’d end up paying for your car. The same goes for insurance as well and doing your own research may help you save substantially on what you pay for your car’s insurance.

Consider the brand’s track record

As car sales soar and trade relationship between different countries improve new automobile makers are venturing out into new territories. Not all makes would be successful in your country, and some might close shop if they can’t find a grip over the market. If that happens, you are left with a vehicle that would give you trouble in sourcing parts and secondly the value of the car would drop in the used car market. Buying a make that has a proven track record is always a safer option. And you can buy the other maker’s vehicle after a few years if they continue to stick around in your country.

Keeping these seven things in mind, you will be able to find an ideal car for your needs and also grab the best new car deals.

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