Brokers Vs. Carriers: Auto Transport Brokers Protect Your Investment

Brokers Vs. Carriers: Auto Transport Brokers Protect Your Investment


The word “broker” often has a negative connotation. Customers have been burned by brokers in various industries so many times that it’s a profession that has been associated with distrust. But the truth is that a few bad apples in the industry negatively generalize a whole population. Not all brokers are bad; in fact, many genuinely want to help and look out for their customers’ best interests.

Making the decision to transport your vehicle can be a stressful process, especially since you want to make sure the people moving your car are reputable and trustworthy. Professional Auto Shippers is a broker that wants to earn your trust and ensure you have the best auto shipping experience possible. PAS understands that your vehicle is an investment that has practical as well as sentimental value, which is why we are determined to protect it. We’ve compiled three reasons below to give you peace of mind and assure you that when you choose to work with EAS, you’re choosing the best quality auto shipper in the industry.

A rigorous screening process

Executive Auto Shippers will only work with licensed, insured, reliable, trustworthy carriers, which is why our screening process is much more thorough than our competitors. Believe it or not, most brokers do not check out carriers prior to issuing an order to them. Carefully screening carriers is one of the ways PAS ensures you will have a stress-free auto shipment. PAS has a network of over 1,500 preapproved carriers. These are all carriers that we have worked with and know provide excellent service. Our internal rating system, based on customer feedback, ensures that only the best carriers are eligible to ship your vehicle. We also frequently access federal department of transportation information to confirm each of our carriers operates safely and legally.

PAS accesses industry resources

Because PAS has access to industry databases, we can find information many of our customers cannot find while doing their own research. For example, PAS is listed as a certificate holder on the carrier’s Cargo Insurance policy. This guarantees that your vehicle will not be shipped by an uninsured or under-insured carrier. Cargo Insurance is not required by the government and policy limits differ. Many carriers do not maintain the coverages PAS requires to be a preapproved carrier. PAS can also see insider reviews by other licensed professionals in the industry who have worked with our carriers. Because Professional Auto Shippers is a licensed, bonded broker, you know you are receiving services from a reputable, dependable auto shipping company.

We support small businesses

Brokers are important in the industry because they oftentimes connect customers with small local companies. Most of the carriers we work with have only one truck. Since larger companies deal mostly with new car deliveries, it would be nearly impossible if a customer attempted to go to the carrier directly to find the right driver on the right day at the right time on the right route. Professional Auto Shippers has been involved in the industry long enough to establish a network of carriers, many of which we know personally. When you choose to work with us, not only will you be working with reliable shippers, but you can also feel good knowing you’re helping to support small local businesses.

Executive Auto Shippers is here to help you and provide a worry-free, safe auto transport experience. We do our research to allow only the most qualified, reliable carriers to transport our customers’ vehicles, and we encourage you to do the same. If you need to relocate your vehicle but are unsure how to select your auto shipping company, read our article about how to avoid auto shipping scams here.

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