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Nashville, Tennessee. Also known as Music City, this metropolis has drawn many now-famous musicians in with its musical history and urban charm. All sorts of artists have worked their way through the city, though it’s country music that has really found its home here. But that urban charm draws more than budding artists to its seat on the Cumberland River. Nashville is filled with universities, healthcare, publishing companies, and a diverse and enjoyable mix of people that make up the 25th most populous city in America. It provides its residents with a stunning and exciting blend of work, culture, and history that anyone would be fortunate to be a part of.

Moving to Nashville

Like many cities, Nashville is divided into neighborhoods, each with their own unique attributes and characteristics. Different municipalities have distinctively different lifestyles, so when moving to Nashville make sure your neighborhood will fit your personality. If you’re looking to rent, you may want to consider renting in areas farther from downtown: East Nashville and Berry Hill are much more affordable per bedroom than neighborhoods like The Gulch or SoBro. For family living, suburbs like Nolensville or Green Hill may be your best bet. It’s always worth checking out advice from the locals as well, regarding safe and affordable areas of living.

Getting Around

In addition to cost, make sure you consider your daily commute. Parking can be a challenge in the city, and it can get extremely congested (as cities tend to do). Compare where you’re living and where you’re working on a map to determine the best options. There are plenty of busing options with the Nashville MTA, as well as the Music City Commuter Rail. Not to mention, Nashville is very conducive to walking and biking, so those daily errands won’t be too challenging to complete. Even so, transportation can hog significant portions of time, so be sure to align your workplace and living space in the best way you can.

Moving With Kids

Public schools, charter schools, and private schools are all accessible forms of education in Nashville. If you’re looking at public schools for your children, you’ll likely be looking at the Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) district. Their site offers many useful resources like a map to help find which school your child would be enrolled in based on location. If you’d prefer to search by the school this list will provide you with a convenient and comprehensive list of all public and charter schools within the MNPS district.

If a private school is what you’d prefer, you’ll be looking at an average of $10,260 for elementary schools and $15,313 for high schools, according to the Private School Review. On that site, you can find a list of private schools, their locations, and what specialties they provide (if any). Make sure to check out local reviews of each school as well, to ensure that other parents have been happy with the private schools they’ve sent their children to.


If you’re interested in treating yourself after an exhausting move, you’ll find Etch Restaurant on nearly every “best restaurants in Nashville” list out there. But if fancier dining doesn’t pair well with the move-in mood, consider something more casual like Merchant’s Restaurant or Adele’s in downtown Nashville. You’ll still get phenomenal food, but with a modest price tag and relaxed environment. As you continue to enjoy the new city you call home, make sure to explore the deliciously diverse cuisine that comes with it. Work your way through the Yelp lists depending on what mood you’re in.

Lastly, and above all else, be sure to try Hot Chicken. Nashville takes their signature dish seriously. Not only can you find it all around town, there is literally a Nashville Hot Chicken Coalition. It seems that the true initiation into Nashville is chowing down on this dish.

Let’s not forget, Nashville is nicknamed “Music City” for a reason. The best of shows and most famous of artists will always stop in Nashville, so keep an eye out. Make sure to stop at a few of the famous attractions: the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame, there are so many historic and popular attractions to explore. But hitting all the tourist hot-spots is just scratching the surface of what Nashville has to offer. Famous musicians are great to watch, but be sure to check out the local artists as well. Since Nashville is such a popular music city, you’ll find tons of budding artists looking to perform at any chance they get. It’s a great way to view some amazing talent and at a fraction of the cost of the big shots. Aside from the music options, look into what locals have to say about their favorite spots. Broadway and 2nd Avenue provide some fantastic Nashville hotspots. And yes, in the summer you’ll find a Hot Chicken Festival, it wouldn’t really be Nashville without one.

The things to do in Nashville are endless, no matter what your interests are, you’ll find people who will share and celebrate them with you. If this sounds like you, then moving to Nashville will be a great life choice.

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