The Hidden Costs Of Relocation: Don’t Let Them Surprise You

The Hidden Costs Of Relocation: Don’t Let Them Surprise You

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Moving is both an exciting and daunting task. Exciting because you are moving to someplace completely new and turning a new leaf. But also daunting because you will need to invest a lot of time, energy and money in it. You will have to find movers, gather packing supplies, pack, obtain all the necessary documentation and paperwork for moving, find a new home, and dozen of other things. And one thing is for sure – all these moving processes come with a hefty price tag! Even if it does not seem like that at the beginning, by the end you will realize that you have spent a fortune. So, if you want to know what are all the hidden costs of relocation, and to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your moving day, keep on reading.

You Will Spend More on the Right Moving Agency

Maybe this is not a hidden cost, but it is definitely something worth mentioning. Reliable moving agencies simply cost more. So, if you thought that you can cut corners on movers, well, you were wrong. This is where most people make one of the most common moving mistakes, and end up having a problem they can not fix. Good movers cost more for a reason. They are trained and experienced people who know how to handle your relocation. Moreover, if some problem does occur, they will know how to fix it immediately. You will never have unpleasant situations and surprises with reliable movers. Most people realize this once they start asking around and end up realizing that spending more than anticipated is definitely worth it.

Packing Supplies, Packing and Unpacking

When moving, you have two options: to pack everything by yourself or leave everything to movers. Well, if you try to save money and opt for a second option, there are some things to consider. First, you will have to spend a lot of money on buying packing supplies. These can cost a lot if you have a lot of stuff. Also, you will need to find some help because you will certainly not be able to do all the heavy lifting by yourself. And that ‘help’ must be properly rewarded afterward. But, if you hire movers like they will do everything form bringing their packing materials, packing everything safely, doing all the heavy lifting, bringing their own truck, and loading and unloading everything. Yes, the second option just sounds better, right? But, be sure that all of these things mentioned, cost extra, that is, they are charged as extra fees!

No Elevator, Just Stairs

Believe it or not, but there is a thing called stairs fee. So, if you live in the building that has no elevator, be prepared to pay more. Many moving agencies will charge you with a stairs fee if their movers have to lag all your big pieces of furniture down the stairs. The same applies to moving into your new home. If you live in a building or even a house that has a lot of stairs, movers will charge you extra for bringing your stuff up the stairs instead of just putting them into the elevator.

Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting is also another thing most moving companies will charge you extra. So, if you have a lot of big pieces of furniture that can not be disassembled, you are in trouble. But, it is just the way it is. However, it is much better to leave this step to movers, no matter how much it costs. Just imagine how hard it is to lift all those heavy and bulky pieces of furniture. Or how much your friends will ‘hate’ you if they have to spend an entire day doing your heavy lifting. If you pay people who know how to do that properly, you will lose some money, but at the same time, you will save your health and your friend’s love. So, do not try to cut corners on this one if you do not have to.

Moving Expensive and Valuable Items

For example, if you move from NY to a place in North Carolina and have some valuable artworks, statues, expensive mirrors or something similar, you will want to make sure that everything arrives intact, right? Well, that too, costs extra. Handling any delicate, fragile and at the same time, expensive pieces can cost you a lot. Actually, you will probably have to hire a completely separate moving agency which specializes in just that. Not every mover knows how to wrap a painting so that the ink is not damaged, or how to pack a mirror to arrive in one piece even if the road is terrible. This can also be applied for moving and packing electronics that are big and valuable like those huge plasma TVs for example.

Disassembling and Reassembling Furniture

And if your home is full of big dressers, or big beds that simply can not go through your bedroom door, you must pay extra for movers to disassemble everything before loading it into the moving truck. This rule applies also for people who want to move their kitchens or big couches, or anything large that they simply do not want to leave behind. And, there is even an extra fee for disassembling specialty items like hot tubs, pool table, pianos and similar. So, unless you are a handyman and know how to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, do not even try it. You might break something and it will cost you twice as much.

Storage and Overnight Fees

Usually, when people move internationally and have not found their new home yet, they may stay at a hotel and place their things into the storage. This may last for a couple of days, but sometimes this can last for months as homes are not that easy to find. So, if this does happen, you will have to prepare some money for storing your personal items. Moreover, if you move somewhere locally, but the move was not finished because your new building has ‘working hours’, movers will charge you extra for keeping your things overnight.

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