Military Relocations 101


Everyone is aware of the challenges that come with this career choice. After all, you are putting your life on the line to protect your country. And, if you are lucky, you will see all of your military buddies go through their career unharmed. But, there are things that make military life difficult that most people are not aware of. Military moving, for instance, can take quite a toll on a person’s family if not done properly. So, to help you out with your next move, let us go over what military relocations are all about.

What you need to know about military relocations

Military relocations are quite difficult. Depending on where you are moving, they can be quite arduous and last a long time, but this is not what makes them difficult. What does is the fact that military relocations are usually to a faraway place, and they require you to move your entire family. So, most of the difficulty of a military relocation comes from the stress and hassle of unrooting your entire family and moving them somewhere they didn’t choose to go. So, what can you do?

Talk to your spouse

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you and your spouse are on the same page. Moving as a single person is not much different from regular moving. It may be long distance or short distance, but the logistics and the tasks of it are the same. But, when you regularly move your family across the country, you need to make sure that your spouse is with you. Military life and military relocations can take a toll on any relationship, and you need to make sure that yours is ok before you proceed. You will only be able to properly tackle the relocation if they are willing to help.

Taking care of family

Once you have discussed relocating with your spouse, you need to talk with your kids. Constantly changing your home as a kid is not fun. Especially if that new home is a different country or a different state. As soon they make friends, you force them to say goodbye. And having no childhood friends nearby can leave a child feeling quite lonely. Therefore, it is up to you to make sure that they are ok. Both physically and mentally. Not every child can simply brush off the fact that they are moving. Some will be quite angry and stressed, which is another reason why you need to help them out.

Organizing a military relocation

Now that you know what makes military relocations difficult let’s go over how to organize one. This guide will provide you with a solid strategy on how to approach any military relocation. But, as you will realize, every military relocation is different, and you will have to learn to adapt and overcome.

Finding movers

Finding reliable movers is key for any relocation. You might try a DIY relocation, but this is rarely advisable. You need to have the proper equipment, and you need to know how to use it in order to deal with a relocation successfully. Therefore, it is usually in your best interest to simply hire professional movers and let them help you out.

Start by looking for local movers online. Some movers offer military moving services, and you should inquire about what they are and how they can help you. Then, you need to get moving estimates. Remember, the more moving estimates you have, the better you will understand your situation. After that, you will need to filter out your movers by talking with them. Only work with people who are trustworthy and reliable. You do not have the time nor the nerves to deal with anyone else.

Making moving plans

Once you’ve found the right movers, you will need to sit down with them and make a moving plan. What you should be looking for is the most cost-efficient plan. Many factors can influence the total cost of your relocation, and you need to figure out how to use them to your advantage. Also, the more time you can give your movers to deal with your relocation, the better the odds are that they can reduce the cost of it. This is especially true for long-distance relocations.

Packing for military relocations

Packing is one aspect of moving that you can and should deal with by yourself. Consider making it a family project so that your kids can learn valuable lessons. But, before you start packing, you will need to get packing supplies. You can go with cardboard boxes, by they can be a subpar choice for military relocations. Since you will be moving multiple times, you should think about investing in reusable containers. For instance, you can consider using bins storage as an option as they are much more suited for multiple usages. Remember, with small investments, you can make your relocation much safer.


Since military relocations are often long distance, you might need to use storage. This is usually the case when a soldier needs to move to a different country with his/her family. In that case, you cannot possibly transport everything with you, as doing so would cost you a fortune. Instead, you should consider storing your possessions until you return. Storage services in New Albany can be affordable, especially if you mention that you are a soldier. But, besides the cost, you need to make sure that the storage units are reliable and sturdy. Long term storage is no joke, and you need to prepare for it properly. Make sure to get proper storage insurance so that you will be covered if something unfortunate happens.

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