Making Your Move

Starting a new journey can be extremely exciting, moving is usually the start of a thrilling venture. Be it across the country or the next town over, movers can reduce the cost, stress, and chaos that comes with a move. Here we have provided a few tips, some may be obvious while others you may not have even considered, to aid you in this new chapter.

Moving Tips & Tricks

Prior to moving, you will want to sort through all of your possessions to determine what will go and what will you be getting rid of. You can separate your items into different piles such as keep, donate, sell, and toss. By ridding yourself of items you will lighten your moving load and earn yourself extra money through selling or a tax deduction when you donate them.
Do not pay for something you can get for free, such as moving boxes. If you plan on moving, start saving large boxes that come with appliances or electronics. Local business such as the drugstore, liquor store, and grocery stores might be willing to part with boxes. You can simply ask them for extras they can part with. Keep in mind that when using professional movers, they may require you use purchase boxes from their company.
Let someone else make the trip for you if you do not want to drive across country. There are companies who will drop off a storage container you fill and once you are ready, they will pick it up and drop it off at your new location. This option will save you from making the drive while not having to pay full price for a professional mover.
The same can go for your vehicle. If your move entails going across several states and you are not inclined to do the driving yourself, there are companies who specialize in transporting vehicles. Rather than spend days on the road, get to your location with an easier mode of transportation.

Auto Car Shippers

While you may think that a vehicle transportation expert may cost you more to move your car than driving it yourself that is simply not true. Factor in the gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, food and hotel stay on your journey, and you will find that it will cost you less to transport your car. At Professional Auto Shippers, we provide the transport service you need to get your car where it needs to go. For additional information, contact us at

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