Properly Shipping Your Vehicle

Properly Shipping Your Vehicle


Preparing Your Vehicle

Shipping your vehicle holds many benefits such as reducing wear and tear on your car and freeing you up to get to your new location faster than your car can take you. Prior to shipping your vehicle, there are some choices you have to make (enclosed or open transfers), clean out your vehicle, conduct an inspection of your car and make notes. This is all to ensure that your vehicle remains the best condition during its journey.

Vehicle Prep Checklist

Inspecting your vehicle before and after your auto transfer will guarantee that you are aware of the condition of your car prior and post shipping. Here is how to go about it.

  • Give your car a full cleaning from top to bottom. Since your carrier will perform an exterior condition report, a clean car will allow everyone to make accurate notes about any dings or scratches on the vehicle.
  • Make your own detailed notes upon your own inspection in order to come pare notes the carrier. Pictures can be great but can be unreliable when it comes to revealing small scratches and dents.

Now that you have done a detailed inspection, now comes time to prepare your vehicle for be moved.

  • Remove all of your personal items from the interior of the car. If you have a toll-way transponder, remove it to prevent incurring tolls.
  • The fuel level of your tank should be at half a tank or below when being shipped across the country. A quarter of a tank or less when being shipped overseas.
  • Check all the fluid levels in your car and air pressure on your tires to ensure they are correct. Disable any alarms, even factory ones and lower retractable antennas or remove them, if possible.

There are special vehicle requirements that need to be adhered to, such as the tank of gas being no more than a quarter full. The car must not have a cracked windshield, and the emergency brakes must be operational.  When going through customs, the registration for the vehicle will be needed.

Vehicle Shipping Service

While you take care of the easy part, the professional shippers we have at Professional Auto Shippers, will take care of the hard part. We ship with great care and efficiency to ensure that your vehicle not only gets to its destination on-time but without damage. For additional information about our services, contact us today.

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