Tips and Tricks for Moving Abroad

Tips and Tricks for Moving Abroad


Transitioning Abroad Beyond Your Car

So, you’ve decided to move abroad, and your car is coming with you. You’ve done the leg-work, all the research, and you’ve decided that we at Professional Auto Shippers will fulfill your auto transport needs. Great! That’s a huge load off your shoulders. But what about the rest of your stuff? You can garage sale some of it away, hawk a few items to friends and relatives, but ultimately there are some belongings you just can’t part with. Unfortunately, we can’t transport all of the things you hold dear overseas, but we can advise you in the challenge of getting it done.

Get Organized!

Organize your things. Break your stuff into categories like essentials and non-essentials, valuables and breakables and everything in between. Once that initial step is out of the way, prepare for each category by getting your own packing materials and packing everything yourself. Buying the appropriate boxes and tape for each and every item you need to transport can save you money and stress. Do you need bubble wrap? Peanuts? How much of each? What type of boxes do you need and what size do you need them to be? The sooner you can get everything packed up and ready to go, the more peace of mind you will achieve. Plus, taking these basic preliminary steps will save you money and ensure that your things get the attention only you can give them.

International Rules

You’re already shipping your car overseas, so you know how stringent or lenient your new country is regarding automobile shipping. That just leaves everything else you’ve decided to take with you. Every country has different restrictions and laws regarding what is allowed in and out, what items get taxed and by how much, etc. The United States, for example, prohibits international shipment of medical devices (unless very specific requirements are met). Familiarize yourself with your destination country’s international shipping rules and regulations and check them against the things you want shipped over. Common items that fall under restrictions include personal electronics, medical devices, and medications.

In Good Hands

Remember the research that went into choosing an auto transport company? Right, now it’s time to apply the same shrewdness in your search for an international shipping company. You may not realize it, but there are a slew of international movers out there, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. To avoid favoring one company over another, we won’t mention any specific movers here, but we will tell you what to watch out for. Consider that the majority of shipping companies charge by weight. Also think about the timing of your move, and whether you are shipping by land and sea or by air. Land and sea options will take longer but cost less. Search for hidden fees associated with customs clearance, packing and moving, and other things. Our One Price Guarantee only extends as far as our involvement in your move, but be sure to look for the same transparency and honesty in your moving company. High quality shippers will offer transparent pricing lists, comprehensive insurance options, and package tracking. Last but not least, check your shipping company’s credentials! Common credentials include FIDI membership and ISO 9001 2015 certification.

Custom Job

If you speak the language of your destination country, getting through customs will be much easier. Without those language skills, it might be better to hire a company to handle customs for you. There’s a good deal of paperwork involved in navigating customs, and you may not be able to complete it if you haven’t learned the language yet. Permanently moving to another country is a massive undertaking. It’s one thing to ensure all that you decide to ship can be shipped legally and safely—it’s quite another to be on the ground, dealing with a customs agent and trying to get your personal belongings through the gates. Ensure that what you decide to actually bring with you on the plane is allowed through your destination country’s customs, and take the necessary steps—be it hiring extra help or learning the language—to come through safely with all your things.

B.F.F. (Best Furry Friend)

For just about every aspect of your move, you’ll find a company dedicated to helping you through it, and, of course, this is true for pet transfer, one of the most important aspects of any move if you’ve got furry friends in your life. Most countries allow for pets to come over with new residents, but there is, of course, some paperwork involved. Health history and vaccination reports for your animal’s veterinarian will be required, and you’ll need to provide the animal with an appropriately sized crate. If you’ve travelled domestically with a cat or a dog, you know that different airlines have different policies regarding whether the animal can ride with you in the cabin. This is true for international airlines as well, so check with yours.

Enjoy the Ride

Of course, it’s incredibly daunting. There are so many companies to consider for so many aspects of your move. There’s more to consider than this post could possibly detail. Moving to another country may be the biggest, most complex thing you do, so it’s very important to get it all right. Taking the extra time to research capable, honest, and efficient companies like Professional Auto Shippers to handle every aspect of your move will result in a smooth transition to your new home, and a stress-free way to begin your new life.

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